One-take demos recorded via video and with my handy zoomh1 mic so you can see the song as it is created as if you were at a live show! One camera on my feat so you can see the looping action! This is also a discussion forum where I invite you to share what the songs bring up for you. I can't wait to hear your stories!

"Shadow" Live In One Take for NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission 2017

Recorded and filmed Live in One Take for the "NPR Tiny Desk Contest."

The song is about acknowledging the part of ourselves we wish to keep hidden. When we embrace our Shadow and the wounds she was born from, when we cease to suppress her, she transforms. The "shadow" is the dark, wild side of the feminine who we have feared, but can be our greatest ally. She is the wrathful goddess who with clear seeing and expression of rage, cuts through ego to wake us up in support of our transformation.

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"Shadow" will be released on the upcoming album Little World, due out in July