One-take demos recorded via video and with my handy zoomh1 mic so you can see the song as it is created as if you were at a live show! One camera on my feat so you can see the looping action! This is also a discussion forum where I invite you to share what the songs bring up for you. I can't wait to hear your stories!

"Shadow" Live In One Take for NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission 2017

Recorded and filmed Live in One Take for the "NPR Tiny Desk Contest."

The song is about acknowledging the part of ourselves we wish to keep hidden. When we embrace our Shadow and the wounds she was born from, when we cease to suppress her, she transforms. The "shadow" is the dark, wild side of the feminine who we have feared, but can be our greatest ally. She is the wrathful goddess who with clear seeing and expression of rage, cuts through ego to wake us up in support of our transformation.

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"Shadow" will be released on the upcoming album Little World, due out in July

"Home" Live Looping One-Take

Hey loves! I am so excited to finally share the FIRST live looping one-take video! 


This video is of my song "home" which is kind of heart-felt cry out to all who have ever been displaced from home and is also my inquiry into what home really is for me.  I'll be posting a blog next week with a full story about the song and inviting you to share your own stories on this topic, or what the song brought up for you! (more on this below).

Wow this has been a long time coming! I definitely went through some struggle to figure this whole video thing out and bring this to completion.  Most of the "struggle" was  internal and getting over my stories like "I'm not a videographer! I have no idea what I'm doing! I don't have the right gear to make it all great!"  I must say it feels really good to just give that all up, complete this and share it with you.  I now feel just really excited for the journey of what this video series will be. I'm loving learning about making videos, and becoming more visually oriented.  (shout out to my amazing brother Isaiah Back who IS a videographer and has given me some good tips for the next round.) 

What I'm most excited for as this series continues, is that in making these videos and getting to share my songs with you through another medium,  I feel connected with you all on a whole new level.  I feel we are creating something amazing together, connecting over time and space through the music. We are creating a community that cares about others, cares about looking deep within, and we're healing a lot of broken heartedness about the state of the world and perhaps challenging events in our own lives.  And this goes beyond the music.  It is my hope that through these songs and through Patreon, we can really show up for one another and have a space to listen and to share.

When I was filming, I looked into the camera and imagined all of your faces and that I really was singing directly too you. It really felt like you were there.  And I hope as you watch, you will feel the same.

What video and the internet world make possible is that you have the time and space on your own to take in the song, read over the lyrics, feel what it brings up for you, contemplate it, love it, disagree with it, think about the topic and how it applies to your own life.  And then, I want to invite you to bring all of that into a discussion! I'll be kicking it off with my own blog post of why I wrote this song and the story behind it and the stories I've heard from others about what this song is for them.  But really, this isn't about me.  I want to hear your thoughts, your stories.

What has "home" come to mean for you?  Have you ever experienced being displaced from your "home" and what happened to cause that? Do you struggle with the concept of home or a feeling of not belonging in your "home?" How do you create "home"? 

Please feel free to share these stories with me privately if you don't want the world to hear.  As always I am happy to hear from you at emma@emmasong.

This discussion will be alive at, in the comments you leave here and on all social networks as well so feel free to jump in anywhere.  Use the hashtags #EmmaBack and #Home so we can see everyone's posts no matter who they are tweeting or facebooking or whatever at. Don't forget to tweet me @emmabacksong.  We'll also have the discussion running on the blog at

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