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Little World

Little World…

Cells divide and
We become
A web, 
the microcosm

Flesh and blood
The thread, a rose
Effect and cause
When do we love?

Little world…

Sound and sunlight
Breath and snow
With wonder
Learn to let it go

People together
Feeling through the dark
In busy streets
We play our parts

Little World...

Laws and truths when
we’ve confused
Our pain
With myths of solitude

Harness your wanting
We’re off to war
Take what’s yours
Who’s keeping score?

Baby don’t move a muscle
Look! Disaster on this ledge
Crack the code in the struggle
Cast your mind over the edge
When what has been concealed
Becomes the animal revealed
Compassion is the best
Weapon we can wield...

Little world…

Move single minded
Questing to be free
In beauty, and in suffering.

Bursting and bubbling
Frightened and few
We can form a wall
But life will come through

Go forward, bend with her
Can’t fight it, can’t hold on
But the choice is yours
What to do
When the waves arrive...
Or raise up your eyes…



Home is a hideout in a high town
With comfort: your pretty things around
The table your grandmother fought
to leave you,
The bed in which your parents stay true.

Home was a nomad’s caravan
Merchant silks sold by demand
The violins in the gypsy band
The fires round which the children ran

First the fires burned my home
Then the floods they rage and moan
On and on, the nights grow cold
And to survive, we do what we’re told.

Home is where the travelin’ man
Plays his guitar, with old troubadour hands
The ageless bard continues on
While the dancers weave the song

The storyteller holds our gaze
For home is where our story‘s made
Home is where once we laid
With the lover we chose,
and the music we played.

Home is what they take away
Home is where we can not stay
The land we love where we were born
The land we morn from whence we’re torn

Home is what the fighting’s for
Home is the price of war.
When comfort’s gone with changing hands
And from the boarder we are banned.

Tugging you into me
I’m hoping to break free.
What’s of the flesh?
And what’s of the mind?
Lay down beside me
To hold me and guide me
Where do we go?
And where will we stay?

With a warm kiss from a lover’s lips
We bear it, when the land is ripped.
We drew in the sand to save the spot
Where once we laughed, forgave, forgot



Crossroads: flabbergasted episodes.
Oh, the moonlight troubles fools
Like a woman, white as snow.

Call her names to keep you safe
Hope her wrathful flames behave
Make love to money, 
feed your tiny ego, so we all can sleep

Comfort she named you
Greedy she bathed you
Who am I? The better half?
Chosen child?
Good one’s path?

All that she forgave you
For what it was we blamed you
Maybe she’ll forget that it was you
Who first did build the cage
Put all the men and women in
Who were born to bathe in sin
All the artists and the children
In case imagination wins
Lock us in the darkest room
Pray our incite proves
We were born to speak of things
That others hide behind their lids.

I crossed the water.
I crossed the water to break the line
I raise my voice for a new age to shine

Crossroads –  lots of way’s that we grow old
Working hard to get to gold
Yeah, all the ways we were told
“Only ‘till I’ve reached my goal,
Only ‘till the money’s cold
Won’t stop to laugh; don’t stop for breath
Until I’ve put my guilt to rest.”

Trapped woes captivate the honor code
“He’s not like me,” the paper reads
Prosecute the life he leads.
Happiness is what we make
Striving for the second take
If at first you don’t succeed
Put down another ‘till he bleeds.

Look out ‘cross the water;
We crossed the water to break the line
We raise our voice for a new age to shine

I felt a love waking over me.

We crossed the water to break the line
We raise our voice for a new age to shine 

Traveler’s Prayer

Tefillat Tefillat
Ruah HakodeshOh Shekhinah
Oh Shekhinah
Tefillat Tefillat
Tefillat Haderekh

Oh will the journey never cease!
We flee, we leave our homes again.
This battle that is underneath, 
is bigger then we know.

Oh mother mother won’t you tell me?
Why can’t love be bold and brandy?
Why must we shelter it with fear?
I’m done! I’m staying here!

Oh daughter daughter come you must
Can’t you feel the flames grow hot?
See the building burning on distant peak
The traveler’s prayer, ‘tis time to speak.

Oh mother mother my eyes are filled.
Can others hate us and want to kill?
What did we ever do to them
To deserve to leave the motherland?

And what about the love they hold?
They must have children of their own.
Do they wake and worry in the night
To check their lover is by their side?

Oh god wont’ pick up weapons
He loves his children so.
It’s only human hand
That would bleed us till we break again.

Oh Shekhinah! Oh Shekhinah!

Oh daughter, daughter this is fate:
Those who love can also hate!
They make us less - Ish, Ishash.
They think us akin to beast.

Child, child, hush now hush
careful, you don’t know who hears
Keep you voice down, women we are
Leave the wars and worries to the men.

The temple has come down again
The fires, they burn bright
Put your will, put your power aside
Follow in the foot steps
of those who came before.
This isn’t something we can choose
This sacrifice for our lord.

Oh Shekhinah! Oh Shekhinah!








This Fear

Pitcher full of pebbles
Pied piper on the road
I’m gonna be a witch someday
If ever I grow old

Sorry on my lips
Sends me drifting inrto this:
The dark place I go
When I am quiet and alone.

I apologized again
Though I’m not sure what I did…
I offer up a kiss
To whomever it could win.

Projection, opinion:
The habit on my skin
I got it from my grandmother
But where did it begin?

This fear, this fear
It burns my ground.
I tell you my story
To slow it down.
The shadows, the shadows of
All past loves
They haunt me, they haunt me, 
as the mornin’ comes.

Like dawn, we’re creeping
carefully along
Don’t reveal to much to fast, 
in case we get it wrong.

Paralyzed lover’s cries
This time, will I be wise?
If in your arms I fall headlong
Am I less capable and strong?

This time, will I be wise?
If in your arms I fall headlong
Am I ess capable and strong?

I don’t have to prove that
I am good.
I don’t have to prove that
I am kind
We’re what we choose to be
This time
Moving metal through the ages
With our mind.

Will you take advantage
Of my open heart?
Will I have to put
The wall back up?
Do you know
How the war broke out?
Is this not
This same fear and doubt?
Threatened is threatened: 
That’s how we began.
With swords at the ready, 
In the palm of our hands.

Do you know how the war broke out?

Mockin' Gun

Young man on the run
Careful with the mockin’ gun!
Young man on the run

When the bombs on Gaza they fall
When the riots they start at the wall
When the rockets are taking their aim
Won’t you fall, won’t you fall, won’t you fall?

When you wonder, “Oh where is my god!”
Can’t you find him in the synagogue?
When the yearning turns into pain.
Won’t you call, wont you call won’t you call?

When your body it feels like too much
For the people who think only of touch
When the words catch you in corners and halls
Will you call, will you call will you call?

When it’s your obligation to hide
Your radiant beauty inside
When your shadow opens her mouth
Will you doubt, will you doubt, will you doubt?

When a leader fills the week mind
Takes from us our will to decide
When we laugh and drink the violence away
Won’t you stay, won’t you stay, won’t you stay?

When the fear that burns in our hearts
Tears our people apart
Do we fight to defend?
Till the end till end till the end?

Intellectualize, criticize!
We take sides
While you throw around your pride
Whose is bigger? Mine is bigger!
I’ll take you out!

Everybody’s afraid – 
Do you want to kill me? 
You want to kill me!
Everybody’s afraid – 
So I want to kill you, 
I want to kill you!
Everybody’s afraid
So I want to kill you, 
you want to kill me.
Everybody’s afraid

So, let’s just kill each other now!

I won’t be afraid to think
What I like and what I choose
I won’t be afraid to sing
Or say “no” and push you away.
I won’t be afraid to kiss
whom I like and whom I choose.
Whether he be
a good soldier boy or the girl
whose brother throws the stones. 

Tell me a story, tell me a story
Is this the truth?
Or is this a story?
Tell me the truth. 
won’t you tell me the truth!
Oh, is this the truth?
Or is this just a story?

Women at the Wall

Men at the fight
Women at the wall
Hear our voice
Our soul’s call.

Get down, get down
get down, get down
On your knees!
Get down, get down
get down, get down
Who are you trying to please?

Oh, no use!
Men will fight
Blood and bone
Claim birthright

Men, they carried crosses
And yelled across the line.
Women kept their mouths shut!
Swept dust from their eyes
And on the river bank
A young girl prayed, 
Layin’ down the laws of this life,
The ways of this town.

The other side no better!
Hungry for the kill!
Whatever they could do to prove to god
they did his will.
Brother between brother,
lover against lover,
Clouds muddied up the sky
To watch how men would die!

What do you cry for?
What do you strive for?
What do you die for?

Oh where do you lie?

What do you pay for?
What do you stay for?
What you pray for?

How long till we arise?
















It comes alive...

With the ache that feeds the charm
I walk strait into your arms
To notice how soft we are
Cradled in the sheets and stars

Reckless and unafraid
What do we these moments make
Sun comes up, the rooster cries
Take off disguise, Oh deep inside

I let your fingers meet my skin
Your sacred sound to wrap me in.
Kiss upon my naked cheek
Floor under our dancing feet.

No longer satisfied by eyes
I burn to take your hand in mine. 
We walk the night in pinks and greens
Flowers teach us to receive.

I put my fingers on your shoulder
To feel your scars
We go to sing down under water
To reach the stars
Our voices remember the pain that we caused
The wars that we’ve run from, the wars that we fought
Yet still in the ocean
I can feel your heart
The water delivers me into your arms..

You love me into the unseen
Against your strength I learn to lean
My toes curl, breath hard and swift
With you behind me, burden’s lift.


I saw my shadow.
I saw her breath.
Take me for ransom,
And let her be free.

Maybe she was the one
Who caused all your pain.
Maybe she’s the one
On whom we can lay the blame.

Right speech, right mind:
I try my best all through the night.
But somehow, I sill hurt you…
Half the time…

Look in the mirror who’s that
The one who your delighted with one day,
‘Till she shames you the next.
She’s pretended for too long
Lain down to take it like a good girl wronged.
Now she’s done hiding,
She’s done being called “crazy.”

She says: “You must know yourself a thousand times better then I
If you would survive what I whisper in your mind.”
She turns you against you with a razor smile and burning eye
That place where you will hurt every time

“Clever Calm,” now she’s the one who you should fear
“Silent Is As Silent Does,” up in her high heals.
She becomes the femme fatale
Back stabbing bitch
The one who will sell you and your lover
For a moment in the light

So you better sit around the table
And swallow how you feel
Emotion means you’re crazy
She’s the creature who should yield.
Now of course she’s coming out
With a vengeance, beyond doubt.
She needs to breath, she needs to sing, 
She needs to be the wild beast!











I’m hiding here in the dark
Writing songs and making love.
I’m hiding out there on the stage
Under lights and the people’s gaze,

You think that you can tame me? 
Think again!
I was wild once, goanna be wild again

I call my doubt out by name;
She’s been hiding too long
unchecked, unchained.

The refugee, silk in her hair,
She describes to a small girl’s eyes
Why the newscaster, he breaks it:
“To keep us safe we turn in back your race.

You are the bad ones!”

She says, “we’ve known a life of strife
Father, brother, sister, wife
Take comfort, my child, 
where kindness is shown
We came for  the ‘American dream:’ 
Life, Freedom, Equality
Well now we see we see who is free
And we? We are “the bad ones.”

One more photograph on the wall
One more song to whisper it all
Just one more war and then we’ll forgive
One more life that we will live

Who makes the mold?
With who is gold?
The few decree
What our fate will be.

We call out for lovin’
We call out in the night
But love, and freedom is
No longer our birth right

We are “the bad ones.”

We are “the dangerous”
We are “the vicious”
We are “the criminals,”
“The Terrorists.”

One more photograph on the wall
One more song to whisper it all
Just one more war and then we’ll forgive
One more life that we will live.

To be human, you better learn to abuse
Or you’re gonna be used
So you better do what you got to do to survive
And if he hurt the one you love?
Well, you better hurt him back!
For the attack will come across the line
worse next time

That’s why I’m hiding here in the dark
‘cause the world breaks my heart
When I go outside
But we’ve got to stop hiding
From the lights of the stage
For how else are we gonna raise
Our voice up