Hi Dear one,


Thank you for your interest in hosting a house concert!  House shows are so incredibly special and are the heart and soul of what we stand for:  Community connections through music.  There really is nothing like a house show.  If you’ve been to one, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t…. just wait!

What is a house concert?

A house concert is first of all, exactly what it implies.  It is literally a concert in someone’s (hopefully your) home (or other location like an art studio).  It is an event co-organized by a Host – the person responsible for the location.  It is attended first and foremost by the Hosts friends, through the hosts personal invitations.  The event is also publicized, but the unique thing about house concerts is they really are a group of friends getting together to share a magical evening of music.  Any other attendees not on the hosts personal guest list contact the host directly to make arrangements.  So everyone does really know each other even before the event begins!  House concerts are distinct from parties with live music in the background in that the focus of the evening is the concert itself.  Guests have time to socialize with each other the artist (me) before and after the concert, but everyone is really clear that music is the reason we are coming together.  Because of the intimacy of having a concert in your home, with your friends, house concerts are one of the most powerful performances to connect people through music.  This is why I love them and I hope you will grow to love them too.


I have a very special way that I go about doing a house show.  If you have been to or hosted a house concert before, I ask you to drop your assumptions as I let you know a few key things about how we will create this together. And, remember this will be your event if you choose to take this on, so anything you want to bring to the event and create is most welcome! Below, I outline the basics of what is necessary to make this an amazingly successful evening for all involved so you can decide right now if this is something you think would be a good fit for you. Then, you will fill out the form HERE.  And… we will go from there.  Once we decide it is a go and have a date, I will send you all other information to walk you through the entire process of putting this together.  You don’t have to have done this before or know anything about music, putting on concerts ect.  I’ve got your back and we are in this together to collaborate and create an amazing evening for you and your friends.

An Emma house concert IS NOT:

It’s important for us to distinguish what a house concert is not so that we are on the same page about the evening we are co-creating.

  • A House Show IS NOT:
  • A house party with entertainment in the background.
  •  Any event you are creating where the concert itself is not the focus, but that you could like live music at.  If you would like to HIRE me to play your EVENT, please go to www.emmasong.com/bookemma and fill out the form there.
  • An attempt to get me into your home for any non-music related funky business… enough said…
  • Anything else that I choose, or we choose collectively to have it NOT BE!
  • A landing pad for me to invite a bunch of strangers, party it up and leave your home a huge mess.

An Emma house concert IS:

  • A formal, sit down show (in your home! J)
  • A donation based show.  This means your guests will be asked to make a donation of their choosing at the concert AFTER I perform.
  • A wonderful collaborative effort.
  • A magical evening of community, music and lasting connections.
  • An adult only event.  I love kids!  And part of the deep connection that gets created requires a distraction free environment.  We can absolutely discuss this so you feel comfortable.

You should definitely consider hosting a house concert if:

  • You feel drawn to the vibe of what I’ve written above and you want to be part of it! 
  • You love hosting people in your home.
  • You love my music.
  • You have a minimum of 20 people who you would like to invite to share this special evening and who you think will be excited to come.
  • You have the space (however grand or humble, in or outdoors) to have these 20+ people seated comfortably IN THE SAME ROOM (think concert seating with the home made “stage” space we will create.  We want this to feel really intimate and inclusive!
  • You are communicative and responsible and excited to collaborate on this.

You should not host a house concert if:

  • You don’t like my music (how on earth did you get this far on the website?)
  • You don’t have any friends, family or acquaintances who love live music.
  • You cannot guarantee a minimum of 20 of YOUR friends, family and acquaintance to show up and share a very special musical evening. (if you really want to do this but don’t think you can take that on, there are opportunities to collaborate with other people in your area)
  • You are not reliable for following through on commitments and communications.
  • You don’t have the necessary space (again, if this is true and you really want to host, think about collaborating with someone who DOES have the space… this could be someone who you know well and has never heard of me but might love the idea of offering there home/space to your efforts!)
  • You are not comfortable asking your friends to make a donation and are not willing to discuss and get your concerns worked out.

What is in it for you:

  • Knowing yourself as someone who brings people together in an incredibly powerful way, creating community and so ultimately being a force of love and peace on this planet and a vehicle to end war.  (Yep!... if that doesn’t sit right with you, invent your own inspiring thing bringing people together creates for you).
  • A way to connect more deeply with me and my music.
  • The EXPERIENCE of the house concert itself – the magical connectedness that music creates and is multiplied when the concert is in someone’s home.
  • If you believe in me and my growth as an artist, you will know when I am super famous that you were one of the catalysts for it all!
  • Fun bonus rewards like free song downloads and more.
  • YOU GET TO CREATE THE WHOLE EVENING WITH ME!  This means we will spend some fun time on the phone planning it out, and we might even get to hang out before or after the show!  So… if ya love me and miss me… you will want to do this.


You know that really great feeling when you’ve put on an AWESOME party and all your guest leave thanking you.  When they leave, you can even feel the lingering of their love and laughter dusting your sofa and flowing from the empty bottles of wine?  Well…. Multiply that yummy feeling by 10, or maybe even 100 and you get the after-effects of a house show.

Okay, baby. This is it.  

Get ready for the amazing ride of creating community!  You are it!  You are the one we have all been waiting for!  Just imagine… if everyone took the time to spend their evenings gathered together listening to music that inspired them and forming life long connections… would war (suffering/hunger/insert whatever is on your mind) even be possible?

Are you excited to create this magical evening?


Let’s go!!

Please go back to this page to fill out the form expressing your interest.  This is not a commitment!  Just letting me know you’ve read the above and you might want to do this! Feel free to ask any questions as you fill out the form.


After you fill out the form, I will contact you with more information and once we’ve agreed to a date I will walk you through the whole process of setting this up and putting on a great show!  At this point, you don’t need to know anything else.  And, of course I am happy to answer any burning questions.  I hope you are as excited as I am!


I look forward to collaborating with you on this!

With Love,