House Concerts

learn how you can become part of this incredibly, intimate, heartfelt, connective experience of

sharing music and being in community.


Since the Summer of 2015, it has been my desire to play almost exclusively House Concerts as this has become my favorite way to share my music and connect with you....

What is a House Concert?


It is exactly, as it sounds: A Sit Down Concert, hosted in your home (or office, studio, event space etc). for your friends and family and the occasional broader community of my fans when and if this feels appropriate/comfortable. Over and over, I have found House Concerts to be the most incredibly intimate, heartfelt, connective experience of sharing music as performer and audience. Together, we #buildcommunity #celebrate and #heal.


If you are interested in finding out how you can become a House Concert host, please email me at to setup a time to connect and talk about it!


Since last Summer (2016), I have been playing almost exclusively House Concerts and this has become my favorite way to share my music.



What does it cost to host?

All of my House Concerts are donation based, and free for you to host (pending what food/drink you choose to offer). You invite your friends (minimum of 20 people required) and ask them to make whatever donation feels right in their hearts and for their pockets.


This is YOUR CREATION! Together, we will come up with the perfect event for you and your community. The only requirement is that you understand this is a sit-down “formal” concert (not background music for your party), you have a space large enough to accommodate 20 people comfortably, you can gather a minimum of 20 of your closest music lovin’ friends and are willing to ask them to make a donation towards the evening.


If you are interested in hosting, but don’t feel you can meet the above requirements, please contact me and I can support you to find people within the same area to collaborate with if you do not have the space but want to experience the joy’s of House Concert Hosting!

Where in the world?

You tell me! If there are enough hosts in your area, I would be happy to make the trip!

Further Questions? 

Ready to host?

Let’s talk! Email me at

we can setup a time to communicate by phone or email.