Live In One Take video - Recorded and filmed Live

Live Rough Footage from Kickstarter Launch Party House Concert May 2016

Live in One Take: "Home"
















“Lyrics reminiscent of a cinematic short film”
— Guy Erickson, Colorodo Music Buzz
“Qui Tomber” instantly transported me into this romantic, film-noir Parisian back alley with its interesting and dark lines in the strings, simple piano accompaniment, and intriguing and haunting lyrics. Back has this knack of bringing you in and making you want to delve further and further into the stories she weaves.
— Shelby Padgett, Germ Magazine
I have read your blog and listened/watched your amazing song “Home.” You have no idea what the song means to me now. Let me try to say it. A month ago, I moved to a distant land, Puerto Rico... I sold all my things and now I live out of 2 suitcases. Now I’m surrounded by a language I don’t yet understand (Spanish), and a culture that is very strange to me. I am displaced. I am lost. To be honest, I don’t know WHY I’m here. I just followed my heart. It had been screaming at me to move here for 2 years. I finally listened. Your song brought such intense tears to my eyes. I felt so connected, as if you’d written it just for me.
— Anya, Fan. 2015







Emma Back is a dynamic and passionate performer.  Songstress, vocalist, fiddler and live looping artist, she emerges from Balkan, French, Klezmer and Americana Folk influences.  With Sensual, Bold and Raw Expression, she uses a loop pedal system to create an intricate sonic experience yet her songs embody at their core the simplicity and heart of the troubadour.  Emma’s lyrics have been called “visual to the point of a cinematic short film” (Colorado Music Buzz), invoking the voice of the divine feminine and world issues of war and diaspora.  Her powerful presence onstage creates a sacred intimate space where her audience can touch their humanity and deepest longing for connection.