"Home" Live Looping One-Take

Released 10.8.15/1st video From "live in one take" Video Series


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I am currently working on a new album, titled "Little World."  This will be my first release featuring my live looping songs in recorded form.  Stay tuned! And for now, enjoy this pre-released track "Alive."

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Music is not only an art, it is a human need. All life is made up of vibration. We all carry a song within us and when we connect to music through listening, live performance and online mediums, we touch our own humanity and our "sameness."   Art, and music especially, builds community, creates a deep relatedness across cultural, religious, political, and social differences. Music has the ability to heal and transform the world, our earth, and what it means to be human. I believe that music can end war and suffering on the planet. 

Music has been deeply healing for me, and I believe for you, on a personal and community level throughout our lives. It is my intention, through my music, to offer you something that is healing, nurturing and supportive to you personally, to your life, to your sense of belonging, of living and of loving.  Through the shared experience of art, I hope to create a space where we are all free to be real and connected in our perfect-imperfect selves.

Who I am and What I stand for


I am a community-oriented gypsy-folk-pop songstress, fiddler and looping artist.  With Balkan, French, pop, electronic and world folk influences I am a passionate about performing - engaging intimately and dynamically with my audience in a sacred shared space.  My songs invoke the voice of the divine feminine and world issues of war and diaspora and have been called "visual to the point of a cinematic short-film" (colorado music buzz).


I am a "song warrior" - one who fights for justice, an end to war, suffering, and separation through songs.  I believe that when the feminine voice is heard and feminine and masculine energies re-balanced in their wisdom qualities, peace and healing for humanity is possible.  As part of this mission, I founded SSOL (pronounced soul) ~ She Sings Out Loud in 2013 to help women performers develop their authentic voices and own the stage with feminine power so they can impact the world with their music and message.