Dear ones,

Music is not only an art, it is a human need.  All life is made up of vibration.  We all carry a song within us and when we connect to music through listening and live performance, we touch our humanity and the shared "sameness" with others.  Art, and music especially, builds community, creates a deep relatedness across cultural, religious, political, and social differences. Music has the ability to heal and transform the world, our earth, and what it means to be human.  I love it, you love it.  Music has been deeply healing for me, and I believe for you, on a personal and community level throughout our lives.  It is my intention, through my music, to offer you something that is healing, nurturing and supportive to you personally, to your life, to your sense of belonging, of living and of loving.  Enjoy!

As an independent musician, I count on my audience and my work with SSOL to do my art.  Art is a community phenomena. Throughout history, artists have had patrons - people who love what they do and benefit emotionally, mentally and energetically from the healing power of their art - who have stepped up and helped them be able to keep giving their gift.

There is a unique and powerful culture at work between artist and audience, sometimes called "the gift exchange." We give our art, our healing power, our hearts, our souls and in return we ask that you love us, allow us to contribute to you, and give back when you can.  I follow Amanda Palmer's philosophy that art is a free market - readily available to all and to do our art, we need our audiences physical, emotional and financial support.  

If my music makes a difference for you, please consider becoming a patron and becoming part of the community that is my inner circle.  

Take action, become a patron

Enjoy the music.  Enjoy the blog.  Enjoy my songs, my words and this community.  Please don't hesitate to contact me and be connected online via facebook and youtube and personally via live shows, events and personal connections.

Blessings and love,



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